Welness & Spa

For all of you who want to relax, restore energy, find peace, get away from everyday concerns, restore vitality or just want a break, our Wellness Center is at your disposal.

Finnish sauna
It is used to improve health, to enjoy and relax. Reproduction of the body from which it arrives during the stay in the sauna releases the organism from harmful substances and toxins, strengthens the immune system, relaxes the body of tension and the body from stress, improves circulation and gives the skin better tonus and elasticity. The sauna acts favorably for problems with the respiratory organs, hydrates and clears the lungs, throat and nose.

Steam bath
The use of a steam bath helps in the opening of the pores, improving the flow of blood and releasing toxins from the skin. It relieves the symptoms of respiratory organs, it works on the healing of the wound, relaxes the muscles, and is effective against the insomnia.

Jacuzzi bathtub
In it you can relax and enjoy thousands of bubbles. By massage of the foot, back, shoulders and neck the body will get full strength and return energy.

Detox, sports, relaxation or whole body massage . Choose something for yourself and enjoy every move!